Becoming Me
Becoming Me
i am bryson, and i am 16, transgender (FTM) my blog is about my transition. and alot of other shit.
some things i post may be triggering.
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"When I was pregnant with you, this old, homeless, dirty woman on the lower east side of Manhattan stopped me in the street to tell me that I was having a boy because of how low my stomach was hanging. When I gave birth to a girl, I tried to find the old beggar to tell her that she was wrong & I gave birth to a beautiful girl. 21 years later, I need to go back, find that snaggle toothed woman & tell her she was right all along" - My mother’s words on me being transgender.

If I had a nickel …


For Everytime I heard “if you’re gay why didn’t you just stay a girl”

…..I’d have money for surgery, now wouldn’t I?


Gay boys..


Reblog this post if you would date an FTM.

Reblog this if you would date a transgender person

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Reblog if you would date someone non binary


I wonder if also cis/trans people who are binary will reblog this


"why are you wearing red lipstick? men don’t like it—”


"you look better when you don’t wear any makeup—"


"you shouldn’t wear high waisted shorts, guys hate them—”


male opinions


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I mean, come on… only fire sign in the family and they thought I might be straight? Puh-lease.

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